Sriwijaya fc dls kits

Popular Indonesian football team Sriwijaya plays in both Liga 1 and Piala Indonesia. The club just released its season 18 uniform Sriwijaya fc dls kits.  you may get the DLS kits version of it in the game. SFC was created in 2004 and placed 11th in the most recent Liga 1 competition. Popular brands Calci and Sriwijaya agreed to a contract in 2017 under which the company will produce player uniforms.

Sriwijaya fc dls kits

The brand-new Sriwijaya 2018 uniform packages come with the home, away, and goalkeeper’s kits. Calci, Smartfren, and Go-Jek sponsor logos may be seen on the local yellow SFC jersey. The shirt’s collar and shoulders have a hint of crimson, and the back of the neck has lovely embroidery accents. Yellow shorts and stockings complete the team uniform.

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The home football Sriwijaya fc dls kits is fantastic. The house kit is colored yellow. Sriwijaya FC’s home uniform features red lines. Smartfren is the sponsor of the home uniform. A global wireless network corporation is called Smartfren. Downtown Jakarta, Indonesia is home to the company’s headquarters. When the game is in the nation or state, the home kit is utilized.

Green is the color of the away uniform. The away uniform of Sriwijaya FC has yellow vertical lines. Go-Jek is the away uniform’s sponsor. Go-Jek is a transportation business. Jakarta, Indonesia is home to the company’s headquarters. When the game is in a different nation or state, an away uniform is worn. The 512×512 Sriwijaya FC kit is an extremely superior design.

Sriwijaya Home Kit 


Sriwijaya Home Kit 2018

Sriwijaya Away Kit 


Sriwijaya Away Kit 2018

Sriwijaya Third Kit 


Sriwijaya Third Kit 2018

Goalkeeper Sriwijaya Home Kit 


Goalkeeper Sriwijaya Home Kit 2018

Goalkeeper Sriwijaya Away Kit 


Goalkeeper Sriwijaya Away Kit 2018

Dream League Soccer Sriwijaya FC Logo


Dream League Soccer Sriwijaya FC Logo


Q1. What is Sriwijaya FC?

A: Sriwijaya FC is an Indonesian professional football club based in Palembang, South Sumatra.

Q2. What is Dream League Soccer?

A: Dream League Soccer is a popular mobile football game developed by First Touch Games. It allows players to create and manage their own football teams, compete in various leagues and tournaments, and customize their kits and logos.

Q3. How can I download the Sriwijaya FC logo for Dream League Soccer?

A: You can search for the Sriwijaya FC logo in the Dream League Soccer logo database, or download it from various online sources.

Q4. How can I import the Sriwijaya FC logo into Dream League Soccer?

A: To import the Sriwijaya FC logo into Dream League Soccer, go to the team management section of the game, select “Edit Kit”, and then “Edit Logo”. From there, you can import the logo from your device’s gallery or camera roll.

Q5. Is the Sriwijaya FC logo free to use in Dream League Soccer?

A: The Sriwijaya FC logo is free to use in Dream League Soccer for personal, non-commercial use. However, it is important to note that the club may have specific guidelines for the use of its logo, so it is best to check its official website for more information.

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